A Word from the Co-Founders

Even though we’re Vanderbilt students – we are not your typical ride or die premed, consulting & finance kind of squad. Let us preface Vanidy Fair: we are creating and bringing together a new community on campus of smart, stylish & creative people who want to keep up with all things fashion, beauty, wellness, and culture.

Vanidy Fair is a ‘publication’ of sorts that covers fashion, beauty, health, and travel trends across the world, though anchored in Nashville as our contributors are Vandy students.

The overwhelming amount of content ambushing us via social media on these topics is impossible to navigate. So, VF is a platform that synthesizes these topics into one place that is both accessible and relatable.

Our writers and social content creators bring our followers a curated vision of fashion, beauty & lifestyle that is interesting & fun, while also informative & diverse. We want to make Nashville home by bringing you guides on everything the city has to offer. We want to inform you about the newest, and maybe weirdest, trend we have noticed and break it down. We want to present a healthy dose of authenticity when it comes to beauty and wellness. Anyway, that’s just a little insight into our vision for VF… & more to come!


The Vanidy Fair Team