All the Tips & Tricks You Need to Stay Youthful & Hydrated All Flight Long

As someone who loves to travel and lives a plane ride away from Nashville, flying is a regular form of transit in my life. Being from New York, my airport disposition is naturally impatient and hasty. My regime involves gate side check in (if I’m checking bags, I want to dump them right away), having my boarding pass on my phone (I always lose the paper one anyway), wearing any shoe that requires socks (no bare feet in security), dress in layers (because for some reason it’s always impossible to gauge temperature when flying), and headphones at the ready (duh!). So I feel like I’ve gotten pretty good at navigating airports by now. However, it was only since last Fall that I started seriously considering how flying impacts my skin. I was studying abroad in Italy, but taking routine weekend trips out of the country, which had me reevaluate what I could do for my skin during flight. So here is my airport beauty routine, and my two cents on how to *stay youthful & hydrated*!

  1. Water, water, & more water! We all know air travel is super dehydrating and my mom taught me to drink water throughout a flight. So that is my #1 advice: DRINK WATER – before, during, and after. For those of you who have a fear of getting locked in small airplane bathrooms, believe me I totally understand; however, drinking enough water to the point where you have to use them is well worth the risk so you don’t end up all shriveled upon landing. I also prefer smart water because ~electrolytes~!
  2. Leave your skin clean, moisturized and makeup-free! Personally I think everyone can own the natural, no-makeup look. I don’t wear an ounce of makeup when I fly because it gets quickly absorbed by the skin and dried out during flight. Before leaving for the airport, I will wash my face, use toner, apply my facial oils and SPF moisturizer, so that my skin is clear and radiant. If I’m trying to look cute post-flight I will bring mascara, concealer, and a lip tint to quickly put on when I land while the plane is taxing to the gate.
  3. Use a few products to keep your skin hydrated throughout! I always carry Vaseline, l’Occitane hand cream, Caudalíe Vinoperfect Radiance serum, GlamGlow Hydration Mask, and Mario Badescu facial spray. Vaseline is my go-to for my lips – I recently found a rose tinted one to bring a little color in addition to moisture. I use TONS of hand sanitizer when traveling, so my hands get really dry, which is why I love l’Occitane because it makes my hands feel smooth, moisturized and it smells lovey. I use Caudalíe serum for around my eyes, at the beginning & end of the flight. I apply a very thin layer of the GlamGlow Hydration mask and it slowly gets absorbed throughout the flight, so that by the end of the flight it doesn’t need to be washed off and acts more like a moisturizer. Finally, I am always applying the facial spray because it leaves your skin fresh, hydrated, & smelling wonderful.

There you are! Happy flying, xx.

By: Paige Scanlan