King Princess’ Empowering Queer Anthems

Mikaela Straus, the queer up-and-coming pop artist better known as King Princess, boasts representation and vulnerability in her recent releases to anticipate her first full-length project. The upcoming album opens up about the complex emotions around the women who have broken her heart. 

King Princess took to Twitter to announce her most recent song “Hit The Back” as an “anthem for bottoms everywhere.” The track begins with an emotional piano introduction that quickly transforms into an upbeat groove that is impossible not to dance to. In the chorus she sings, “And ain’t I the best you had / And I’ll let you throw it down / Hit the back.” The catchy lyrics and lusty vibe make her newest track a bold hit. 

The album’s title track “Cheap Queen” delivers a pop synth vibe with an empowering message about getting over someone. The song’s lyrics are effortlessly cool and self-confident; she sings, “All of my girls get up early and stay up late / They drive all the way to the west side to see my face / That’s good love.” Straus recently interviewed with Billboard and unravelled the inspiration for her highly-anticipated album:

“I was dealing with the most vulnerable year of my life. Something with the mixture of the year just being complete stress and anxiety, and not knowing what to do with myself or with my body, and then also being in love — that’s really what made the album happen.” 


Cheap Queen is out 10/25 via Zelig/Columbia Records.

By Abbey Hughes, Art Editor, Class of 2022