Pump up Your Playlist: Best New Music

Fall semester is ending, finals season is quickly approaching, and everyone is buried in work. There’s no better way to destress than putting in your headphones or turning on your speaker and listening to these new tunes. Here are some of the hottest tracks to pump up your playlist. 

Tones and I: “Dance Monkey”

This song puts a unique EDM spin on an alternative style song. The repeated piano chords underlying Toni Watson’s raspy, soulful voice will have you swaying back and forth from the start. Not to mention, the chorus begging the listener to “dance for me” will surely be stuck in your head for days. The simplistic beats highlight the equally simplistic lyrics about a dancing admirer. This song will undoubtedly be a hit at your next hangout or party with friends.   


Frank Ocean: “In My Room”

Many Frank Ocean fans were pleasantly surprised by his long-awaited return after nearly four years. The title, “In My Room,” specifies the exact atmosphere where most listeners will attend to this song. Like many of Ocean’s previous ballads, these ambiguous lyrics, hinting at fame and unwanted people, are open for poetic interpretation. Though, certain aspects are not up for debate: like the consistent electric beat accompanying Ocean’s rhythmic voice and relaxed raps. The song puts the listener in a dreamlike state, so make sure to bump this song in your headphones before you head to bed.  


Selena Gomez: “Look at Her Now”

Another fan-favorite artist, Selena Gomez, also made a comeback with two new singles, one of which is “Look at Her Now.” After one listen, you’ll soon realize why this is the new post-breakup anthem you did not know you needed until now. Selena passionately emotes about moving on from an ex while looking forward to future love. Her melodious hum is perhaps the catchiest part of the entire song. Blast this sassy pop tune for anyone ready to move on or at your next girl-gang meetup.


Kanye West: “Closed on Sunday”

Nearly everyone has experienced the heartbreak of going to the Chick Fil A drive thru on a Sunday morning, only to find out it is closed. Kanye’s comedic comparison between his Christian beliefs and this famous fast-food chain mirror the recurring religious themes of his new album. As opposed to most of his fiery raps, Kanye peacefully sings along to the strum of a guitar backed by a church choir. Christian or not, you and your Sunday scaries will be put to rest with this calm melody.


Kevin O Chris feat. Drake: “Ela É do Tipo”

An exciting collaboration was created here between Brazilian artist, Kevin O Chris, and long-time Canadian rapper, Drake. Drake’s soft introduction into the song echoes his emotional album Take Care. Drake channels a higher-pitched tone and sings about a complicated relationship before asking for his lover back. A new bass line emerges as Kevin O Chris then belts the chorus about the relationship’s intimate, romantic details in his native Portuguese tongue. The collective chill vibe of these contrasting artists is one you have to listen to in order to appreciate. 


Harry Styles: “Lights Up” 

It has been years since Harry Styles’ successful solo debut, but fans continue to go wild for his new music. Styles quickly strayed away from the juvenile boy-band feel and established his own groovy take on pop music. This new record explores the ideas of identity and vulnerability. Lyrics aside, his talented voice and varying pitches blend perfectly with the guitar and piano chords, steady beat, and chorus belting the word “shine” throughout. You’ll definitely want to tune in to this upbeat song while walking to class.


By Cali Cortelli, Vanidy Fair Blogger, Class of 2023