Your Go-To Guide for Family Gift-Giving

Winter break is here, people! Now that we’re all taking our last finals, it’s time to head back home and celebrate the holidays with your families. If you’ve been to busy to do any holiday shopping, don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. Here’s a collection of gift ideas for each of your family members:

For Your Mom

Eberjey Gisele Short Sleeve and Pant PJ Set: $118

Upgrade your mom’s loungewear with this sleek pajama set from Eberjey, which also comes in black, navy, ivory, and haute red. If you think your Mom would prefer long sleeves or short, Eberjey has a host of other sleepwear options, all super polished and extremely soft.

For Your Sister

Glossier The Skincare Edit: $50

Glossier’s newest skincare set serves as the perfect introduction to the amazing brand that is Glossier. Give your sister the gift of great skin through Glossier’s iconic skincare products, packaged in an adorable recyclable carry case.

For Your Dad

Champion Reverse Out Weave Crew: $54.73New Yorker Subscription, Print + Digital for 12 weeks, plus a free tote: $6.00


It is insanely hard to shop for Dads. What do they like besides the History Channel and golfing? I’ve decided to base this gift recommendation off the gifts I’m gettin my own Dad. My Dad really enjoys letting the world know his daughter goes to Vanderbilt through wearing Vandy apparel anytime he can, so I bought him this Vanderbilt Champion sweatshirt from Barnes and Noble. My father also likes to keep up with the state of our politics (the TV is reserved everyday at 5pm in our house for the evening News), so I’m also gifting him this New Yorker subscription.

For Your Brother

Urban Outfitters Keith Haring Hoodie Sweatshirt: $59.00 & Urban Outfitters Focus Pigment Dye Hoodie Sweatshirt: $69.00

Urban Outfitters has a great selection of funky sweatshirts that I definitely wouldn’t mind also buying for myself. Both of these two sweatshirts have really cool artwork, and either would be a unique gift that your brother would actually wear.

By Bella Herrera, Beauty Editor, Class of 2021