The Most Popular White Sneaker of 2019 Gets an Updated Look For the New Year

Each year has seen a different iconic and wildly popular white sneaker.  The wardrobe staple has persisted over the past decade, but each year has seen a new brand rise.  We’ve seen Converse, Adidas Stan Smith, and platform Supergas— just to name a few. 2019 was undoubtedly the year of the Nike Air Force One.  Comfortable, cute, and easy to match with everything, Nike AF1s took the world of college girls and celebrity it-girls by storm. Just because they were a mainstay of 2019, though, doesn’t mean that it’s time to ditch them just yet.  2020 is bound to be the year of the updated AF1.  

To learn more about how to reinvent and update your favorite pair of Air Force Ones, read more below.  

Whether you want to buy a new, updated pair or reinvent your old pair, the inspiration on Instagram and Etsy right now is endless.  In terms of buying a new, ready-to-wear pair, Instagram accounts and online shops have been popping up left and right. Our favorites are undoubtedly @onetwelvess and @airforcefuns.  

For the girlie (or guy) who loves designers like Dior, Off-White, and Louis Vuitton (to name a few!), ONEtwelves is the place to shop.  Run by co-founders Lily Steigleman and Andy Chugg, ONEtwelves’ shoes have taken over social media. The uber fashionable it-couple’s process is unique: they take authentic, vintage designer pieces (think: Louis Vuitton duffle bags and canvas Dior purses from the 80s), cut them up, and essentially upholster the designer fabrics onto each pair of shoes.  For this reason, the price tag on these shoes is pretty steep: each shoe is made with authentic vintage designer pieces and requires a great deal of labor. We’ve got heart eyes for this it-couple and their incredible shoes. Find Lily and Andy, as well as their amazing shoes, below.

And for the individual who wants shoes that are entirely unique, look no further than to Sophia Wilson’s @airforcefunsSophia, a 19 year old college student at NYU, is both wildly talented and successful, despite her young age. She has already been featured by TeenVogue and has had her shoes worn by fashion icons like Gigi Hadid.  Her shoes are incredibly hard to come by, but insanely worth it if you are able to get an order in during her limited drops and open periods.  Not unlike ONEtwelves, Wilson’s Air Force Funs come with a hefty price tag because of the materials added to the AF1s— Swarovski crystals. She does have more reasonably priced styles and designs, which range from limited studding to gold chains instead of laces.  To take a peek at Sophia’s incredible shoes and get some inspo for her next drop, check out some of her most popular pieces.  

If these pairs haven’t inspired you or the price tag on these cool pieces are just too high, have no fear.  Take notes from these creators above and create a new design or technique for your own pair of Air Force Ones.  We know we’ll be grabbing our paint brushes and jewels and going to work on our own pairs very soon— especially if these cold, snowy days keep us inside any longer!

By Maddy Nadelman, Assistant Fashion Editor, Class of 2020.