Spring/ Summer 2020 Fashion Trends

Although we are only a couple of weeks into the new decade, the sun is beginning to blaze and so are these 2020 spring/ summer fashion trends. It’s time to make some room in your wardrobe for the looks you don’t want to miss.


Crochet made its way front and center on the runway stage last fashion week. From Stella McCartney to Kate Spade New York, high fashion designers are set on making crochet cool again. You can be sure to find more affordable dupes from places like H&M, Zara, and even those random racks in Forever 21 shoppers always manage to overlook. So…why is crochet cool again? Crochet is breathable and fun with its many colors and shapes- a perfect way to match that fresh, spring air and those bright, natural colors. This versatile material can be woven into halter tops and dresses, and it molds to every body type. Not to mention, the intricate weaving technique amplifies the minimal effort put into any otherwise simple outfit.


Bra Tops & Hot Pants

As the months continue and the temperature rises, it’s time to ditch the long sleeves and pants. Instead, swap your cozy sweaters and thick sweatpants for something more accommodating to the changing weather. Let’s be real; we’re all dreaming of spring and summer break, both of which will be here before we know it. Sunshine and beaches command the second fashion trend: bra tops and hot pants. While seemingly scandalous, bra tops can be paired with other pieces like open button downs or blazers. Short shorts, or “hot pants,” are also perfect for laying poolside or taking a stroll down Ocean Drive. Throw some short shorts on over your bathing suit, or pair some leather hot pants with an oversized tee and thigh-high boots for a sultry, summer night look.


There always seems to be vintage fashion trends that resurface decades later. This year marks the return of psychedelic sixties patterns and Victorian puffed sleeves. These retro designs are definitely fancier, so you’ll probably rock them on a night out or to dinner with friends. The sixties patterns include floral, geometric, and tie dye, so you can easily find one to fit any mood or occasion. As for the Victorian puffed sleeves, they may seem a little daunting and hard to pull off, but that’s surprisingly not the case. The uplifted formation of these puffed sleeves are designed to accentuate your stature. Anyone willing to take this fashion chance will exude an unmatched aura of confidence and elegance. Take your normal jeans and tee shirt look up a notch with these revamped antique styles.


Loafers & Strappy sandals

With any outfit, shoes are arguably just as important as the top and bottoms. Luckily, these final trends are both snazzy and comfortable. Something about loafers, specifically leather, emit a sense of sophisticated chic. Loafers are adaptable, so you can don them to class, interviews, or pretty much anywhere you need close-toed shoes. Plus, ditching the hassle of shoe laces is always a welcomed bonus. Ranging from Steve Madden to Gucci, a plethora of retailers have welcomed the loafer with appropriate price matches. The latter shoe, strappy sandals, are a necessity for the aforementioned spring and summer vacations. Strappy sandals will undoubtedly make your normal flip flops, or dare I say shower sandals, look boring. You might remember the gladiator sandal trend circa 2014, but the 2020 strappy sandal is much shorter, around ankle length, so you won’t have to worry about those annoying lace marks up to your knee.

By Cali Cortelli, Vanidy Fair Blogger, Class of 2023