Anyone who knows me knows I love leather jackets! My red leather jacket is a staple in my wardrobe and one of the best pieces I have ever invested in. Leather jackets are a classic that can be styled for every occasion and worn during any season.  And better yet, you don’t have to spend a fortune on a jacket for there are many brands that produce high quality, long lasting pieces at an affordable price.

Blazers are all the buzz this year. A fashion piece that manages to seamlessly transition from season to season, it is a must-have for your closet, not just for its style factor but also for its undeniable versatility. Below are some inspirational looks from celebs, along with boutiques in the area where you can find similar pieces!

As Vanderbilt students, our summers are filled with internships and research opportunities, while our school year is crowded with networking events and interviews. I don’t know about you, but the first time I tried on the typical ‘business-casual’ outfit, I immediately looked at myself and thought this is so blah. I instantly began thinking of ways to add a personal edge to my workwear, while still ensuring it was appropriate for the office. Keep reading below if you want to see where I bought pieces for my summer internship and how I styled them to reflect my personal aesthetic!