Getting ready to go out is one of my favorite activities- yes, I consider it an activity. I absolutely LOVE experimenting with products and discovering new things. Doing makeup does not have to be a complicated, scary ordeal. I have definitely added to my routine as I’ve learned more about beauty and experimented with different shades and colors. While I probably use more products than most people, I will highlight the essentials that you need to get that evening glow. 

Vanderbilt’s Iconic Gold Color Dominates the Runway in Milan

Fendi hearts our ‘Dores! The iconic Italian fashion house seems to be taking notes from Vanderbilt’s own iconic colors this season. Their Spring/Summer 2020 runway show brought sunshine to Milan with its yellow, tan, and orange hues. The standout color that undoubtedly stole the show, though, was our beloved gold.

Read more about how Fendi ‘anchored down’ this fashion week season here.

I was one of those girls that was wayyyy too into those tiny Japenese erasers – you know those ones shaped like strawberries and dolphins?  Anything that was adorably small was my thing.. Miniature beauty products are just the glow-up version of my obsession, one that inevitably led me to collect (and get overly excited about and hoard) free skincare samples. Free samples are something I used to just throw away, thinking if it was free it was probably not a product worth my time. After buying all new beauty products to return back to school, my free samples started to pile up. My mom, the control-freak she is, organized them in my little makeup display when she was moving me in, and honestly, they looked pretty damn cute. Now that I’m an active part of Sephora’s rewards program and have started reordering my favorite products from Glossier, I’ve learned we should all appreciate free samples a lot more.

So here is my ode to free samples, hopefully you’ll agree with my reasons and join me in my mini-obsession.

Game-day outfits can be extremely repetitive, and we all get that feeling of, “this has been done before.” To avoid that awkward moment of seeing someone in the same outfit as you, try going outside of the box with your next tailgate ensemble. It’s a lot easier than you would imagine if you take your school’s color scheme and start there. For me, I like to wear color more than black, and that leads me to golds and yellows, either for main pieces or accessories. Keep reading for some ideas that you can include in your next game-day! 

Sloane Chmara is entrepreneur goals. After creating a health & wellness platform in 2016, which she creatively coined as Kale and Kravings, she instantly began building her success. Within the first year and a half, she had gained 16K followers, became a wellness coach, was a competitor on Food Network’s Chopped U Snapchat series, and published her first book – Kale & Kravings: Nourishing Dorm Room Recipes & Wellness Practices for Students (which is being sold on no other than Amazon!). If you want to learn more about Sloane’s incredible journey of self-drive and dedication, then read the interview with her below!