Styling a Spirited (and Original) Game-Day Outfit: Luxury Vs. Affordable Pieces

Game-day outfits can be extremely repetitive, and we all get that feeling of, “this has been done before.” To avoid that awkward moment of seeing someone in the same outfit as you, try going outside of the box with your next tailgate ensemble. It’s a lot easier than you would imagine if you take your school’s color scheme and start there. For me, I like to wear color more than black, and that leads me to golds and yellows, either for main pieces or accessories. Keep reading for some ideas that you can include in your next game-day! 

Luxury Bottoms:

Options to Pair With Anything

Koch Erica Skirt in Gold ($295)

I’m obsessed with Koch’s Erica Skirts; they’re so comfortable, flattering, and can be paired with just about anything. P.S. they’re really shorts!

Alice and Olivia Two-Tone Skirt ($100)

Love this skirt, and it’s on sale! 

Cami NYC The Tasha Short ($93)

Luxury Tops:

Stand Out With These Tops

The Bianca Blouse From Réalisation Par ($100)

This top feels like you’re wearing pajamas, and is easily paired with a denim skirt or shorts.

Sandro Knitted Bodysuit with Studs ($245)

Bodysuits are such a game changer, they go with everything! Try it with jeans and patterned booties.  

Paco Rabbanne Metallic Crop Top ($136)


This design also comes in a bodysuit and tank top!

Luxury Sets & Dresses

For Love & Lemons Picnic Crop Top ($158 $111) & Mini Skirt ($150 $105)


Lee Mathews 

Luxury Accessories

Chimi Peach Cat-Eye Sunglasses ($85)

Cat eye sunglasses never fail to complete an outfit!

Affordable Bottoms

Options to Pair with Anything

Superdown Teresa Zip Front Short ($54)

Superdown Maye Mini Skirt ($52)

By the Way Avery Lurex Mini Skirt ($13)

Screen Shot 2019-09-23 at 2.59.34 PM

Superdown Navea Buckle Mini Skirt ($52)

VG Rising Star Glitter Mini Skirt ($27)

Affordable Tops:

Stand Out With These Tops

VG New to Show Ribbed Bodysuit ($41)

VG Rough Rider Top ($29)

Into the Music Shirred Top ($44)

Clean Slate One-Shoulder Glitter Top ($28)

Elouise Crop Top ($43)


The Kimora Top ($35)


Affordable Sets & Dresses

Graceful Blessings Set ($57)


Lovers + Friends Amy Mini Dress ($70)

Forever 21 Floral Flounce Top & Skirt Set ($29.99)


By Alexis Bray, Fashion Editor & Bella Sprague, Editor-in Chief